When creating beauty from wood is your passion,

Great things are possible!

A True Passion For Woodworking

James Provence will make the wood come alive for you!

At James Provence we have been crafting custom wood treasures for over 40 years.  Each custom designed piece comes with our “Satisfaction is a MUST” Guarantee, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your purchase from us. Every item is designed with an initial drawing, so you have a good idea what to expect with the final piece, and then meticulously handcrafted to your exact specifications (leaving room for our signature creative style, of course).

As a small family owned and operated business, we are able to closely work with you to design and create the wooden item of your dreams.  James Provence only uses responsibly sourced, sustainable wood or in cases where called for, reclaimed wood.  It is with this sense of responsibility and care that he takes into the creation of your custom wood piece.  He has great respect for care and monitoring of our ecosystem and wants years of future woodsmen to be able to create as well.  This passion shows in his projects.

So whether you are looking to redo a restaurant with a vintage reclaimed wood look, or you simply wanted one of James Province’s signature chess sets, we would love to hear from you.

Commercial Woodworking

Make your business standout!

Custom Commercial Woodwork to fit any budget

At James Provence, we work with businesses to design unique and stunning visual and functional pieces of art. This helps any commercial business become memorable to all who set foot inside (or out)!

Reclaimed Wood

Take something old and make it new!

Using Reclaimed wood to bring out beauty!

If you are looking to create a cool vintage or retro look, James Provence can create the perfect look for you! We help you handpick the perfect pieces to make your vision a reality! The right pieces make all the difference.

Specialty Wood Products

from your dreams to reality!

Use your imagination, anything is possible!

James Provence will work with you to take your custom project from inception to a reality. James is known for his signature chess sets, the main reason for his nickname, the “Bishop” of the woodworking industry” Let us build your signature piece!