“Bishop” James Provence

James Provence has always had a knack for building things with wood.  It can be traced back to when he was a child and enjoyed whittling small sticks into play furniture for his little sister, with the pocket knife his grandpa gave him.

As time went by, not only did James Provence’s passion for creating things from wood grow, but his talent grew along with it.  James was able to take the skills he taught himself building the intricate details into the small toy furniture pieces he created for Jeni and translate that into functional pieces of art he creates for his clients.

James first started realizing that others would pay for his “hobby”, when he was offered money for a chess set he had created in his spare time.  The man was so impressed with the work he did on one of the pieces in particular, that he was given the nickname “Bishop” and it has stuck with him to this day.

So, “Bishop” James Provence would be happy to whittle you something up, or perhaps you might prefer him to use more modern tools and create a more grand vision.  It’s up to you…Just ask for Bishop and you can know you are being cared for.