Wood furniture and other offerings in the beautiful woods today are fascinating. Principals of ecology teach us that we must husband our forests and treat them carefully. The use of woods that are sustainable is founded in growth that occurs in eco-friendly forests as in jungles, pinewoods, boreal forests, timberland and similar growing areas. Examples are maple, bamboo, and cane. These woods rapidly mature and can be replanted instead of going to ecological sensitive areas as a rain forest. You can also apply the same term, sustainable woods to the concept of buying local and supporting businesses in your area where the cost to bring to market is not as expensive. Less energy is tapped when harvesting, transporting and processing sustainable woods to the market.

Companies or individuals who deal with furniture or wooden pieces of art have a responsibility to use sustainably sourced wood. James Provence, woodworking is a proven company and business to deal with when it comes to furniture projects and works of art. These workers take their raw materials and using your thoughts and ideas on the project; develop pieces of utter brilliance that directly permits the artist in wood to use their skills. The magnum opus developed by the craftsman illustrates how he reinvests his commitment and energy. James Provence, woodworking, understand and appreciates their workers and the ecological concepts as sustained sourced wood.

James Provence Wood

When we strip forests it threatens the survival of every living thing that lives there. Sustainable forestry addressed the greenhouse gases that experts felt were doing great harm to the environment. Let us look at bamboo, which grows so rapidly. Under good conditions, it can grow up to 4 feet a day! It also surpasses hardwoods, which mature more slowly. James Provence woodworking is well aware of using sustainable hardwoods and the company culture is they want to do their part in using harvested woods that shield waterways and the reseeding sectors that have or may be damaged by the huge footprint of lumbering equipment.

A family owned and operated business, James Provence woodworking works to your benefit as you, the customer. They listen to your dreams and help you achieve them. Each piece is monitored from the initial conceptualization, drawing, design, stages of development and the final piece. This is all done with keeping our complex ecosystem in the front of each work of art. The obsession for the environment is who they are as craftsman.

The company chooses sustainable sourced wood sources that have been recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC ). For instance, several other woods used by Provence are cherry, white ash and mahogany.

Doing business in commercial woodworking, residential woodworking and extensive reclaimed wood projects make the James Provence woodworking an industry leader giving you the prize of project you wanted while protecting the industry. It is a winning play.