Wood carving is a fun and creative craft. It does not require a fancy art studio or tools, just a piece of wood and a sharp tool to get you started. However, you need to practice to develop the skills that will help you tackle increasingly difficult wood carving problems on your own.


Four common wood carving techniques


A wood carving work space is easy to set up, but you will need to master certain techniques to before you get started. The method you choose will sometimes determine the tools that you’ll need. Below are four common wood carving techniques:


Wood Whittling


Whittling carvings can be identified by their sharp and textured cuts. The wood carvings made by whittling are usually very angular because of the carving knives used.


To apply this technique, you will need a sharp chip carving knife with different shapes that will make tough cuts a little easier. You can use your existing knives, but they will need to be sharpened. Even while you are whittling, you may need to sharpen your tools from time to time.


Relief Carving


Relief is a 2D method that is used to embellish furniture and places of business. Unlike the regular process of carving sculptures out of wood, this method is used to carve designs on wood. The piece of wood used is usually not very thick and appears to be deeper than it is.


Relief carving is done from the back to the front because the reverse will result in shallow carvings. To get started, an outline is usually drawn on carbon or paper, before it is transferred to the block of wood. Care and experience is required to carry out relief carving.


Carving in the Round


Also known as ‘In The Round”, this method opens the doors to every tool or wood you can imagine. When carving, you can walk around the piece, and work from all possible angles: hence the name. The technique is used to carve birds, fish, animals and humans. The possibilities are endless. Carving in the Round is a technique that will take you on a journey to develop and understand wood forms, designs, and artistic creativity.


Chip Carving


This is a method of carving that involves using a knife, hammer, and chisel. It is achieved by creating intricate patterns on wood and removing chips from the wood to form a design or pattern. Adopted to carve household items like boxes, chests, barrels, furniture and much more, it is a clear choice for many carvers.


Chip carving is enjoyable because it is used to create decorative and attractive designs. It is also quite easy to learn this technique, according to James Provence, making it a popular choice for new wood carvers.